Youth Bonfire Night

The Youth Bonfire Night is a night of fellowship and fun with children and youth who themselves or their parents are members of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church-Westwood. Every child must be at least 10 years old to attend. This event is fully supervised by Pastor and Mrs. Watkins along with a team of adults. All food will be provided. It is highly recommended that you bring a blanket. A permission slip must be signed by the parent.


Youth Information

Parental Consent and Waiver

I give my permission for my child or children listed above in this form, to attend the church-sponsored bonfire event at the residence of Pastor Melvin Watkins and Mrs. Loie Watkins on [November 11, 2023]. I understand and agree conditions outlined below:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Supervision: I understand that the event will be supervised by responsible adults from the church, including Pastor Melvin Watkins.
  2. Emergency Medical Care: In case of a medical emergency, I authorize the church leaders to seek necessary medical treatment for my child. I understand that the church will make every effort to contact me in such situations.
  3. Liability Waiver: I release Pastor Melvin Watkins, Mrs. Loie Watkins, the church, its staff, and volunteers from any liability for injuries or accidents that may occur during the event.
  4. Behavior Expectations: I expect my child to adhere to the church's code of conduct during the event, including appropriate behavior, respect for others, and compliance with any safety guidelines.
  5. Contact Information: I will provide accurate contact information, and I can be reached during the event in case of an emergency.I have read and understand the conditions outlined in this consent form and waiver. 
  6. Transportation: I grant permission for my child to be transported to and from the event location by designated church personnel or volunteers. Pick up / Drop Off will be from Mt. Vernon Baptist Church. (4:30pm / 9:00pm)

Emergency Contact Information

By signing below, I give my consent for my child or children listed above to participate in the church bonfire event.

Clear Signature

Contact info

620 Parkrose Rd, Memphis, Tn

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