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Min. Leila Garner, Mt. Vernon Care & Support Ministry


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Meeting ID: 829 6949 4166
Passcode: 901

Family Life Center / Building C

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Mount Vernon Baptist Church Westwood

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620 Parkrose Rd, Memphis, Tn

Broadcast Schedule

Broadcast Schedule

MONDAY nights at 9:00am – Voice of Hope television broadcast on channel 17
WEDNESDAY nights at 6:30pm – Mid-week Bible Study and Youth Bible Study
THURSDAY mornings at 11:00am – Seniors and Retirees Bible Study and Fellowship
SUNDAY mornings at 8:45am – Sunday School
SUNDAY mornings at 10:00am – Worship Service
SUNDAY afternoons – Voice of Hope radio broadcast at 4:00pm on WLOK Radio, FM 104.9 / AM 1340