Event Planning

Welcome to Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Westwood Event Scheduling Process.

Event scheduling is an online event request portal designed to provide all ministries and individuals a uniform and efficient way to submit request for usage of space at MVBC.  Event scheduling will promote consistency in the handling of all requirements needed to fulfill requests and to identify the duties and responsibilities of all areas of services that would be needed for the success of your event.

Usage of space is defined as the use of conference rooms, classrooms, Banquet Hall, Multi-Purpose Center, Sanctuary, Lobby Area and outside grounds in Buildings A,B, and C. The request form will be used for the scheduling of all annual church events, special conferences, weddings, monthly ministry meetings, and special activities. The event scheduling form will be available to members on MVBC web page.

The church facility will open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. in association with any request for space usage

Event scheduling will provide several benefits for MVBC Church Family:

  • Provide an efficient means for the church to handle request from all of its ministries.
  • Provide means for scheduling services that are needed for each event to be successful.
  • Provide ministry leaders with a better planning tool for their event.
  • Eliminate overlapping of events.
  • Provide historical data to be used for future planning and review.
  • Provide financial data for budgeting and forecasting.
  • Provide a current list of all upcoming events that have been approved for execution

Process: The following are guidelines for all event requests:

  • All events must be submitted on Event Scheduling form six (6) weeks prior to date of event, via MVBC website
  • Form must be completed in its entirety before it can be submitted for approval
  • Event administrator will review submitted request within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Necessary information will be forwarded to any support departments if required (i.e. media, culinary, security, etc.)
  • Request will be addressed in the order it was received.
  • Ministry leaders or their designee will be responsible for the submission of the request form. Upon approval of event they will be responsible to follow up with event administrator to ensure all aspects of event have been completed to their specifications.
  • All details or modifications must be finalized 48 hours prior to event. (No exception)
  • Ministry leader or designee must be present on the date of their event during the entire time
  • Any special event such as weddings, graduations, concerts, special catering, or an event for a non-church function will require a contractual agreement.This request will be submitted to Trustees and Pastor for approval.
  • Events requiring special guest speakers, musicians, choirs etc. must be submitted for pastoral approval before event can be placed on calendar.


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Broadcast Schedule

Broadcast Schedule

MONDAY nights at 9:00am – Voice of Hope television broadcast on channel 17
WEDNESDAY nights at 6:30pm – Mid-week Bible Study and Youth Bible Study
THURSDAY mornings at 11:00am – Seniors and Retirees Bible Study and Fellowship
SUNDAY mornings at 8:45am – Sunday School
SUNDAY mornings at 10:00am – Worship Service
SUNDAY afternoons – Voice of Hope radio broadcast at 4:00pm on WLOK Radio, FM 104.9 / AM 1340