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Birth Month Leaders

January Birth Month Leaders
Deacon Wayne Scurlock
Chairperson Mary Wilson
Co-Chair Teresa Dotson
Trustee Sonja Lavender
Reverend Nebraska Dover
February Birth Month Leaders
Deacon Jerome Todd
Chairperson Beverly Burroughs
Co-Chair Rhonda Johnson
Trustee Phillip Young
Reverend Ballard Davis
March Birth Month Leaders
Deacon James Stone
Chairperson Michelle Holman
Co-Chair Walterrean Hubbard
Trustee Curtis Carpenter
Reverend Wanderlyn Ball
Reverend Stephen Smith
April Birth Month Leaders
Deacon Breon Franklin
Chairperson Carolyn Vaughn
Trustee Sonja Lavender
Reverend Sharon Taylor-Lucas
May Birth Month Leaders
Deacon Henry Cousins
Acting Chairperson Christine Wells
Trustee Jerry Foster
Reverend Hattie M Thompson
June Birth Month Leaders
Deacon Gordon Fykes
Chairperson Arveline Harper
Co-Chair Doris McKinney
Trustee Jerry Banks
Trustee Jerry Foster(interim)
Reverend Darren Little
July Birth Month Leaders
Deacon Willie Rhodes
Chairperson Millicent Shotwell
Trustee Brenda Washington
Reverend Edward York
August Birth Month Leaders
Deacon Earlis Bernard
Chairperson Gloria Johnson
Co-Chair Barbara Holmes
Trustee Lydia Crivens
Reverend Timothy Cleaves
September Birth Month Leaders
Deacon Michael Talley
Chairperson Shelia Jones
Co-Chair Crystal Carpenter
Trustee Phillip Young
October Birth Month Leaders
Deacon Abel Massey
Deacon Freddie Pew
Chairperson Sarah Myles
Co-Chair Teresa Hall
Trustee Cecilia Barnes
Minister Leila Causey
November Birth Month Leaders
Deacon Ron Dotson
Deacon Larry Landers
Chairperson Delores Trezevant
Co-Chair Josephine Guy
Co-Chair Pat Davis
Trustee Cecilia Barnes
Reverend Jacqueline Barnes
December Birth Month Leaders
Deacon Al Thomas
Chairperson Emma Adams
Co-Chair Robert Wells, Sr
Trustee Marva Quinn
Reverend Betty Newsom

Contact info

620 Parkrose Rd, Memphis, Tn

Broadcast Schedule

Broadcast Schedule

MONDAY nights at 9:00am – Voice of Hope television broadcast on channel 17
WEDNESDAY nights at 6:30pm – Mid-week Bible Study and Youth Bible Study
THURSDAY mornings at 11:00am – Seniors and Retirees Bible Study and Fellowship
SUNDAY mornings at 8:45am – Sunday School
SUNDAY mornings at 10:00am – Worship Service
SUNDAY afternoons – Voice of Hope radio broadcast at 4:00pm on WLOK Radio, FM 104.9 / AM 1340