Adult Ministry

Men’s Ministry
The Men’s Ministry aims to be godly men in our daily lives while we serve Christ in our homes, church, careers, and communities.  It is our intention to help men to be men of character, integrity, holiness.

Seniors & Retirees Ministry
The Seniors & Retirees Ministry provides fellowship through ongoing activities that embrace and lift up the seniors and retirees of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Westwood Manor, and the immediate community. These activities include but are not limited to: Bible Study, field trips, community service, and other interactive activities.

The Senior & Retiree Bible Study is held every Thursday at 11:00 AM.

Singles Ministry
The Singles for Christ Ministry aims to help unmarried persons grow in their relationship with Christ, develop healthy relationships with others, and do the work of the ministry while studying the Word of God.

Women’s Ministry
The Women’s Ministry aims to glorify God by helping women grow spiritually. We are committed to confronting issues that hurt and divide us, while focusing on the strengths that heal and unify us as women.

Young Adult Ministry
The Young Adult Ministry aims to connect young adults between the ages of 18-29 to God through our Savior Jesus Christ, to each other through Christ centered relationships, and to the world in Christian ministry.


Contact info

620 Parkrose Rd, Memphis, Tn

Broadcast Schedule

Broadcast Schedule

MONDAY nights at 9:00am – Voice of Hope television broadcast on channel 17
WEDNESDAY nights at 6:30pm – Mid-week Bible Study and Youth Bible Study
THURSDAY mornings at 11:00am – Seniors and Retirees Bible Study and Fellowship
SUNDAY mornings at 8:45am – Sunday School
SUNDAY mornings at 10:00am – Worship Service
SUNDAY afternoons – Voice of Hope radio broadcast at 4:00pm on WLOK Radio, FM 104.9 / AM 1340