Giving Focus

Giving of our finances is an act of sacred worship unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When we are faithful to the Lord with our finances, we honor God as the owner of all things. We give in expectation of God’s constant provision in our lives. Below you will find a list of items that we as members of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church can expect to celebrate in our giving efforts.

Tithe: We celebrate the tithe by giving 10% of our gross income unto the Lord’s house of ministry as patterned in the Holy Scriptures. This is done consistently, year round and each month.

Birth-Month Fellowship Offering ($365.00): Each member is part of The Birth-Month Ministry. We celebrate this sacrificial offering to financially express gratitude to God for the life that He has given us. We emphasize this offering throughout the year.

Capital Improvement Fund ($110.00): The Capital Improvement Fund prepares us to make necessary repairs and improvements on our facilities. The designated amount was chosen to honor the commemorative year of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church’s Anniversary.

Benevolence / Community Donations:  We are committed to assisting our members and giving towards meaningful initiatives both locally and globally. Occasionally we will receive offerings for those purposes.